what mental disease would a person be diagnosed with if they have these following symptoms.

Patient: what mental disease would a person be diagnosed with if they have these following symptoms, sleeping all day, waking up irritable and agumentive, blaming lack of sleep on irritabiltity, frequent headaches and rubbing eyes, complaining of various aches and pains always, temper tantrums, fits of rage, does not let people finish sentences, does not understand anything does not remember things, forgetful with keys, dates, etc. does not like to talk.. he prefers to play video games and stay on the computer

Optional Information
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Already Tried: he refuses to see a doctor

Doctor: Hello

Please answer these question.

Is there any history of previous medical or psychiatric illness in past?

Is he also consuming alcohol / drugs?

Is there any positive family history of psychiatric illness in his family both towards the mother or father side?


Patient: No, he has never been diagnosed with a mental illness. He is in denial and blames this that and everyone else for his moods. He is 28 yrs. old. He does not drink or use drugs. I do not know his parents, his father was a police officer and was shot on duty when he was 4 yrs. old. I never met his mother either she lives in Brazil. His mother was a single parent and tried to raise him but by his own admission he was a handful, and did not listen to her a gave her an unbearable time. He was uncontrollable. He never mentioned any family mental illness, but I do know his father was a drinker and his grandfather on his mother’s side was an alcoholic for a number of years but he went on the wagon because of health issues.

Doctor: Thanks for your reply. I hope, you understand the fact that this information is not the first hand information and is somewhat insufficient to comment on the possible diagnosis in his case.

But many of his symptoms are suggestive of Depression for sure. According to literature also the data indicates that the life event most often associated with development of depression in later age is losing a parent before age of 11 years.



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