Can Doctors write prescriptions after online or telephone visits?

Patient: Is it legal for doctors to write out prescriptions for people they have never met in person, but the doctor has their medical history faxed to him and then they speak over the phone about the issues? Is this a legal way to obtain a prescription?

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Age: 34, Male, Alaska

Already Tried: Reading different laws passed by the courts and such. It seems this is an iffy area, but if the doctor does have a copy of a persons medical records and then has a telephonic conference it almost sounds like this is starting to be taken as a bona fide doctor/patient privilege

Doctor: well it depends on the doctor . some would nt give prescription unless they have seen the patient . other may give out prescription if the patient are referred by some fellow doctor. for an altogether new patient no one should give out prescript.

Patient: would you write the prescription after just a phone visit. Society is getting crazy with all this technology. I could basically have a doctors visit in my house over my web cam.

Doctor: no, i dont.

Patient:  I wasnt asking you to. I was just curious to know where you stood on the issue. It seems to be a good sized battle these days in the courts. People are entering pleas of guilty or not guilty on video court. It just seems like that is the way we are moving in society. So I guess there is no exact right or wrong on that yet? Its just about how you feel ethically doing it at this time and as it becomes more common practice those barriers will break down and it will be normal.

Doctor: well i dont think this will be allowed in near future as the laws are becoming more strict and less freedom for physicians to do what ever they like.

Patient: laws may be becoming more strict but people are also becoming more lazy and getting everything they need right from their fingertips instead of using gas to drive back and forth, wait in a office, go to the pharmacy, wait some more, etc. So yes things are strict right now but I think sooner or later the government will want to allow people to stay home and get things taken care of. Less pollution in the air, not as many accidents, etc. Just a thought.

Doctor: good thought. lets see when that happens.

Patient: Well the world has changed so much in the past 5 years it is amazing to see. Cell phones used to be huge and only certain people had them, now on any application you fill out they ask your cell phone number. Its like if you dont have one, youre a freak. Were wired up wherever we go. Never out of touch anymore. It is crazy. It is definitely a great time to live in to see all these ideas come to life, but there are those times from being a kid where I look back into the 80’s and think those were some damn good times to. Anyways who knows where this world is moving. I think if the government can keep us herded up well like sheep and we stay in our houses, go to work, little vacation time and such and the government is content because we are content with our lives. Look around and everything you see is to make your life easier. The lawnmower that mows on its own or the vacuum that just does its own things. The less we have to do the more dependent we become on things because some people wont be able to handle things if they ever went back to having to do things.  I do still believe prescriptions will be written from phone or web cam visits. There will be a hookup to your computer that tells them your blood pressure, temp, heart rate, etc.

Doctor: well there are E ICU where one doctor can take care of 30-40 ICU patients in Alaska from NYC. so its in place as such .. though only allowed for remote areas.

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  1. With so many overdoses with not following prescriptions properly it is best each patient sees a doctor prior to just taking medicine off of a phone call.

  2. It is still possible but it is much preferred to visit your doctor personally.

    – Lovely Siontee

  3. Not following directions on prescription bottles is what the person does at home. A face to face doctor visit won”t change that.

  4. I see a large amount of people disguisted with doctors these days. Most don’t listen to the patient or think we don’t know our own bodies. With that in mind, lots of patients may be more likely to seek medical attention if offered in the comfort of their own home. Atleast it would cut out some of the stress.

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