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  1. So say the guy has hsv 2 and he is having sex with a condom but the condom breaks but he notices no more than 30 seconds after it breaks and stops what are the chances of the girl getting affected ?

  2. I get patches of small blisters that itch like crazy. After a couple of days they pop and scab over can you tell me what that is please?

  3. Hi Dr.
    I have tipe 1 herpes since like 15 years ago at that time i had a girlfriend and i did not know I had herpes, we had sex several times and my codom broke a few times, but it seens like she didnt cought the virus from me. How I know that? Because recently i have been chating with this same girl again and she hasn’t say anything, to be precise we are in a sexual relationship once again, and once again this morning my condom broke at the very end, and almost all of my sperma went inside her vagina. I dont have a break out right now and I also took a vikerin pill of 800mlg last night. What would be the posibility the she becomes infected from this time or any other time if i dont have blisters or my condom breaks on her?

  4. Hi Doctor,
    I was on holiday last week in Spain and under the influence of alcohol had sexual intercourse with a stripper. I wore a condom but as I ejaculated the condom broke and I was in her for around 10 seconds after it had broken. Afterwards I pulled out and cleaned myself with baby wipes and then tissue. I am going to my local STI clinic on Tuesday to get checked but am wondering what my risks are of contracting any major STIs.
    Thank you.

  5. I’m just turned 48 years old. I haven’t had my period in over 2 months. I had a uterine ablation 5 years ago. In January 2018 I had a biopsy which came out negative after a scare with cancer. In Feb., March and April I got my period heavier than usual considering I had the ablation done. On April 15th I had a heavy period and have not seen my period since. I have had cramps and my breast are sore but not a dot of blood. What can it be?

  6. I have had very itchy rash on both fore arms and on back mostly lower back for over 3 months. I was given a 12 day supply of prednisone this helped clear it up a lot but now that I’m off of it, Its starting to come back

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