I was pregnant ( I believe) I did two tests in diferent days…

Patient: Helo my name is Lisa, I was pregnant ( I believe) I did two tests in diferent days, both were positive, and my body change a lot,my breast grew as twice the normal size, as pregnant woman. I Start to feel bad yesterday and, my menstruation started, and today just to make sure I did another pregancie test, and was negative. But my husband and I was so sure I was pregnant, and I a mom already, I know the diference. How that is possible?

Optional Information
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Already Tried: I have a son 7 years old, I was pregnant last year and I lost on 5/6 weeks of pregnancy. Now I’m trying to conceive again, thought I was pregnant, I did 2 tests and different days and was positive, and my body change my breast grew twice of the normal size. 4 days ago I started feel bad, and yesterday my menstruation started. Today I did another pregnancy test and was negative, how that is possible?


Doctor: Please let me know when your last period was prior to yesterday.

Patient: The last period was 10/06/2009. Than started yesterday again.

Doctor: That is highly possible. Early miscarriages are very common. More than we know. Most will just assume their period was late when in fact it was an early miscarriage. If you desire, you can use an ovulation detection kit so that you will know when is the best time for intercourse. Follow the instructions on when to start testing. Once the strip turns positive, plan intercourse 12-24hours later. Then take a pregnancy test two weeks later. If positive plan on seeing your doctor, if you have another miscarriage I would suggest testing to make sure you don’t have any disorders that causes early miscarriage. I hope this helps, good luck!

Patient: The last time I had a miscarriage I had to take Cetotech (spelling?) to clean my uterus because I didn’t have my mensturation? Do you think I need to do it this time? I am mensturating now.

Thank you

Doctor: No, just as you’re thinking, your bleeding means your body has started this process on its own. Using Cytotec is necessary when your miscarriage needs to either be induced because your body has not started on its own, or when only some, not all, of the products were expelled. You’ll know that everything is normal because your bleeding will stop (as well as you have a negative pregnancy test). If your bleeding persists, I recommend you see your physician for an ultrasound to make sure.

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