Can i get HIV/AIDS from a HIV test kit?

Can HIV test kit cause AIDS?HIV test kit

Patient: Dear doctor I was asking can I get infected with HIV through rapid test (HIV test kit)  I had because the kit is not approved from FDA or CE but it is approved from UNAIDS and ISO13485 it is iCare test kit.

Doctor: Is this your first time reaching out for information about this?

Patient: Yes

Doctor: Anything else in your medical history you think I should know?

Patient: Yes, I had a intercourse from 2 years ago with cw vaginal but I used condom and I had 3 Elisa antibody tests and 2 combo test AG/AB and all turned negative but foolishly I ordered HIV test kit from nexus laboratories it was supposed to be EZ-Trust kit but they send me iCare test kit when I emailed them they said that they replaced there testing kit with iCare test kit instead of EZ-Trust kit when I was performing the test I fool pricked my finger but there was not enough blood in the plastic tube so I drawn more blood again from the pricked finger after I touched the spot of blood spot in the kit can I be infected from the kit? according to this issue I explain.

Doctor: No, you would not get infected through an HIV test.

Patient: That means that the hiv test kit can not infect me cause for my poor knowledge there is antigen in it

Doctor: The DNA testing kit can not infect you. you can not get HIV from an HIV testing kit.


Patient: Even if it is not CE or FDA approved just UNAIDS approved sorry last thing is there difference between the antigen and the virus its self I mean if I contact antigen of virus that does not mean that I contact the virus right ?

Doctor: Yes, even if it is not FDA approved. and just UNAIDS approved. There is a difference between the virus and the antigen itself. Contacting the antigen does not cause infection.


Patient: So I have not contracted anything from the kit thanks doctor your the best doctor in the world 🙂

Doctor: there is no way you contracted anything from this HIV test kit.

HSV risk if condom broke during sex with a stripper?

What is the risk of HSV, HIV in unprotected sex?


Patient: Hello doctor. About 2-3 weeks ago I made a terrible mistake. I went to a strip club with my friends and got really drunk and high for the first time and I wound up getting a blowjob from a dancer and having sex (with a condom but it broke). I have seen many doctors AND an infectious disease doctor. All of them said my risk of HSV from a oral sex encounter is extremely low. Theoretically possible but very very minimal. Hsv 1 does not like the genital area because it resides in another set of nerves. As for the intercourse doctors told me risks for hsv2 is still very very slim.

For males it takes multiple exposures since they don’t have any mucous membranes down there, and the dancer more than likely didn’t have an outbreak as an outbreak would be VERY painful since it lives in the nerves and she wouldn’t be able to dance or have sex. Doctors told me not to worry about asymptomatic shedding as that’s not common and HIV risk is very low, because it is blood borne not really sexual fluids.

They told me she had more of a chance to catch something from me than I had from catching anything from her.It’s been about 2-3 weeks and I have no symptoms. All doctors told me that if I had been infected with hsv I would have had an outbreak by now. First outbreak is almost always in the first few days to first week. I was told if I haven’t had an out break by now, not to worry. Should I listen o my doctors? (Dermatologist, multiple general physicians, and infectious disease doctor)

Doctor: you have been given a mix of correct and incorrect information. Herpes opportunity has lots of good information. 50% of all new genital herpes cases is from HSV1.

your risks for contracting herpes in your penis area from one episode of oral sex is about 4% she has herpes. just because you don’t have an outbreak doesn’t mean you don’t have herpes. herpes can be dormant for years and years without manifesting. you need blood testing to check for antibodies to herpes virus to know if you have herpes in your system.

HIV has about 0.5 in 10,000 of you contracting HIV if she had HIV. super super small odds. Check CDC article.

Patient: A blood test would be accurate at this point for HSV?

Doctor: Blood test to look for antibodies to herpes type 1 and 2 virus is the best way to know if you have herpes. Many patients have cold sores and already have the type 1 herpes virus in their body and antibodies to the herpes virus as well. these antibodies can help protect you against herpes type 1 virus in your genital area.

Patient: Would the blood test be accurate at this point in time? Are my doctors correct about the asymptomatic shedding? Are they right that if the dancer had an outbreak she most likely wouldn’t be able to dance or have sex since she’d be in pain?

Doctor:  you should read this about shedding, Check the Herpes opportunity I sent you earlier.


Herpes can be transmitted with no visible symptoms. Here are the percentages of the time herpes silently sheds the virus based on the HSV type and location (not to be confused with transmission rates).

  • HSV-2 genital 15-30%
  • HSV-1 genital 3-5%
  • HSV-1 oral 9-18%
  • HSV-2 oral 1%

Shedding occurs more frequently during the first 6-12 months of having herpes than it does subsequently due to building up antibodies. Asymptomatic genital HSV-2 infections shed virus about 1/2 as frequently as symptomatic infections. If she had a cold sore in her mouth, it would be painful for her.have you had a cold sore or fever blister in your mouth before? that is most likely caused by herpes virus.

Patient: No I have not. Would the test be accurate? Were my doctors right that she would be in too much pain to dance or have sex? Are they right that my risk is low since I have no mucous membranes down there? Numerous doctors told me it would take multiple exposures.

Doctor: she would be too much in pain to dance or have sex if she had a case of active genital herpes active. If she had oral herpes virus, you have a 4% chance of contracting herpes per year of exposure. so if you had oral sex from her for a year, you would have a 4% risk of contracting genital herpes.

Patient: the singular risk would be minimal? Also is my hsv2 risk low like all the doctors say?

Doctor:  yes, a single oral sex exposure risk would be super super super super small. and your HSV2 risk is super super small. Shedding from HSV2 oral is only 1% shedding rate. you don’t have to worry.

Patient: Just to be clear my hsv 2 exposure via the sex since the condom broke is still low?

Doctor: It is extremely extremely low risk.

Patient: The vaginal intercourse is low risk? Just want to be clear that the vaginal intercourse incident is extremely low risk

Doctor: the risks of spread of herpes to you genitally is 4% risk per year of having sex.

Patient: Hsv2 genital to genital that is?
Doctor: Yes, it is 4% risk of transmission per year of having sex if she has genital herpes in her body

Patient: Ahhh ok so super low risk, especially without active leasions

Doctor: yes, super low risks. look over that herpes opportunities handout. it has good information.

Patient: Thank you doctor so you believe I shouldn’t worry about HIV or HSV from this?

Doctor: No, you should not worry about HIV or HSV from this.

How to Have a Healthy Sexual Relationship?

It is very well known that a good sexual relationship and regular sex can bring you many benefits on different levels. Not only will you be feeling happy and healthy, you will enjoy other benefits, such as speeding up your metabolism or having a better skin. Many studies have been done on the benefits of regular sex, and many of them brought surprising yet positive results about why sex is good for you.

Having a healthy sex relationship is not only fun, but also great for your physical and mental health. Still, there are some things to keep in mind when involving yourself into a sexual relationship in order to keep things good.


Don’t be Afraid to Explore Your Sexual Desires

sexual desire

We all have our sexual desires, and sometimes we are all a bit too shy to explore them. In order to keep your sexual life fun and exciting, you need to explore the things that you think will appeal to you. Only if you are doing what you want you can enjoy the benefits that sex can bring you. Still, to do so, you would need to find the right person who shares the same desires as you do.


Find the Right Partner for a Sex Relationship

adult dating website

In reality, not all people are open to the concept of a pure sex relationship. If you don’t have a person who’s number you can dial with no strings attached, now it is the right time to start looking for one such person.

Still, this might be challenging for many depending on the type of your personality. If you are not a person who can simply walk into a club and find a person who they can spend the night with, you should check out other alternatives, such as online adult relationship websites. Be sure to be looking at the right place, where many people have already succeeded to find a sexual partner for themselves. One such online adult dating service is Hislut. Hislut is one of the best services for finding a sexual partner without having to worry about much. The service is also free, meaning that many people have joined and you should head over there and look for you ideal sexual partner.

Check out this interesting video about healthy sexual relationship from AskMen.

Keep Your Sexual Relationship Safe

While sexual relationships are great, you always have to be aware of the risks. The pregnancy risk is always there for women, yet for both men and women, the risk of STIs should be lowered as much as possible.

While it is commonly believed that STIs can be transmitted through intercourse only, in reality, STIs can also be transmitted through oral or anal sex.

Such STIs that can be transmitted through oral sex are the following:

  • HPV
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia

HPV can also be related to developing mouth or throat cancer, which typically comes from unprotected oral sex.

As a prevention, there are currently different types of preventive vaccines: against HPV, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. HPV, as the most threatening of these can be prevented by three different vaccines:

  1. Cervaris – protection from the two strains of HPV that can cause cervical cancer
  2. Gardasil – same as Cervarix, but additionally protects from the two HPV strings that cause genital warts
  3. Gardasil 9 – offers the same protection such as Gardasil, but includes additional five HPV strains.


Get Tested for STIs Regularly

It is very important to perform regular checks. Regular testing can help in discovering any potential infections before they develop to a higher stage, and directly save you from the trouble of long and potentially painful treatments. Timely diagnose of STIs means that you will be able to treat it more efficiently and avoid any other potential risks for your health.

Why regular testing should be done by both men and women, a test which is a must for women is the famous Pap Test. The test should be a routine for every women turning 21, since it can detect even the earliest signs of cervical changes which can potentially lead to cervical cancer. This is closely connected to STIs testing since the main cause of cervical cancer is HPV.


Use Condoms

use condoms

Condoms are the most popular preservatives of today – for a good reason. They can keep you safe from an unwanted pregnancy, and additionally they protect from STIs. Condoms are over 99% safe, so the chances of a condom breaking are very small. If you and your partner are not using other type of contraception, condoms are always the best choice.

Of course, if you are involving yourself in a sexual relationship with a new person, or even a one-night stand, the best option is to keep condoms at reach and stay safe. Still, be sure to check the expiry date of the condoms and store them in accordance to the manufacturers’ notes. Do not use an old condom that has been sitting in your wallet for ages!

Condoms are perfectly safe to use when used right. If you and your partner know how to use a condom, there is nothing really to worry about. Forget about all of the myths and misconceptions you have heard!


Having a happy and healthy sexual relationship is one of the best things you can do. Still, in order to be happy and healthy you need to take care of yourself and of course the people you are having sex with. Follow our pieces of advice, find the right partner and enjoy the benefits that regular sex can give to you!