Can i get HIV/AIDS from a HIV test kit?

Can HIV test kit cause AIDS?HIV test kit

Patient: Dear doctor I was asking can I get infected with HIV through rapid test (HIV test kit)  I had because the kit is not approved from FDA or CE but it is approved from UNAIDS and ISO13485 it is iCare test kit.

Doctor: Is this your first time reaching out for information about this?

Patient: Yes

Doctor: Anything else in your medical history you think I should know?

Patient: Yes, I had a intercourse from 2 years ago with cw vaginal but I used condom and I had 3 Elisa antibody tests and 2 combo test AG/AB and all turned negative but foolishly I ordered HIV test kit from nexus laboratories it was supposed to be EZ-Trust kit but they send me iCare test kit when I emailed them they said that they replaced there testing kit with iCare test kit instead of EZ-Trust kit when I was performing the test I fool pricked my finger but there was not enough blood in the plastic tube so I drawn more blood again from the pricked finger after I touched the spot of blood spot in the kit can I be infected from the kit? according to this issue I explain.

Doctor: No, you would not get infected through an HIV test.

Patient: That means that the hiv test kit can not infect me cause for my poor knowledge there is antigen in it

Doctor: The DNA testing kit can not infect you. you can not get HIV from an HIV testing kit.


Patient: Even if it is not CE or FDA approved just UNAIDS approved sorry last thing is there difference between the antigen and the virus its self I mean if I contact antigen of virus that does not mean that I contact the virus right ?

Doctor: Yes, even if it is not FDA approved. and just UNAIDS approved. There is a difference between the virus and the antigen itself. Contacting the antigen does not cause infection.


Patient: So I have not contracted anything from the kit thanks doctor your the best doctor in the world 🙂

Doctor: there is no way you contracted anything from this HIV test kit.