My son has suffered daily for the past 3 years with itching

Patient: My son has suffered daily for the past 3 years with itching over his entire body and at one point covered in hives. He has seen just about every type of doctor except an immunologist. He is currently being treated by a dermatologist in NYC and has been for the past year. He has been on a regiment of antihistamines which have run their course it seems. He just started a prescription for Cellcept. After reading the possible side effects I have been totally freaked out. He started taking this 3 days ago and this morning said he feels worse than ever. His entire body from the top of his head to his feet is bothering him. At one point this dermatologist said his body was producing antibodies that were attacking an infection that was not there. Does this sound right to you, and should he be seeing perhaps an immunologist ? I am sick just watching him suffer every day, going broke with endless medications that don’t seem to work and may possibly do more damage.PLEASE HELP!

Doctor: Hello & welcome to ,

Just wanted to know of a few things before we deal with your answer:

How old is your child

Has any trigger point evaluation been done for him

Any other illness

Have you sought a second opinion


Patient: Hello Dr. James

My son is 27 years old. He has had numerous blood work tests, only factor out of range was TSH at 6.83, done by a few different doctors; GP, another dermatologist who gave him steroids that didn’t work, many topical cortisones until they realized it was systemic. He has been tested for allergies, tried a bland diet of chicken, rice and water for 6 weeks, with no change. Otherwise healthy thank God except for slight thyroid deficiency which he is being treated for with 50 mcg of Levothyroxine.

Doctor:  Your son has ‘chronic urticaria’, which is not amenable to steroids. It is time that why it happens – the ‘trigger’ should be searched and excluded. For this allergen testing is required and common allergens will be tested one by one. Hopefully one shall be found and thereafter your son will be free from chronic urticaria. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know the precise cause and then maybe he will have to see an immunologist.

I am placing a link from the Mayo Clinic’s site on the subject which will provide you more authenticated information. Please have a look.

Best wishes.

Can Doctors write prescriptions after online or telephone visits?

Patient: Is it legal for doctors to write out prescriptions for people they have never met in person, but the doctor has their medical history faxed to him and then they speak over the phone about the issues? Is this a legal way to obtain a prescription?

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Age: 34, Male, Alaska

Already Tried: Reading different laws passed by the courts and such. It seems this is an iffy area, but if the doctor does have a copy of a persons medical records and then has a telephonic conference it almost sounds like this is starting to be taken as a bona fide doctor/patient privilege

Doctor: well it depends on the doctor . some would nt give prescription unless they have seen the patient . other may give out prescription if the patient are referred by some fellow doctor. for an altogether new patient no one should give out prescript.

Patient: would you write the prescription after just a phone visit. Society is getting crazy with all this technology. I could basically have a doctors visit in my house over my web cam.

Doctor: no, i dont.

Patient:  I wasnt asking you to. I was just curious to know where you stood on the issue. It seems to be a good sized battle these days in the courts. People are entering pleas of guilty or not guilty on video court. It just seems like that is the way we are moving in society. So I guess there is no exact right or wrong on that yet? Its just about how you feel ethically doing it at this time and as it becomes more common practice those barriers will break down and it will be normal.

Doctor: well i dont think this will be allowed in near future as the laws are becoming more strict and less freedom for physicians to do what ever they like. Continue reading Can Doctors write prescriptions after online or telephone visits?

been taking 50 mg,of zoloft for 2 years for depression

Patient: been taking 50 mg,of zoloft for 2 years for depression,stop taking the meds 3 days experiencing some headaches,light headiness.,my doctor never put me on a wean off process,any suggestions to speed up this process of recovery?

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Gender: Male
Age: 52

Doctor: It is strange that your doctor did not taper you off of the medications. Coming off of SSRIs fast like this can lead to withdrawal symptoms – ex upset stomach, headaches, anxiety, etc. I would suggest to consult with the prescribing physician and definitely report your symptoms.

Here is a link to a Traditional Chinese medicine interpretation of the process (yet, I would stick with the Western view on this one-hence the need to taper off of the medication appropriately and monitoring by a physician)

Patient: I guess i need a new doctor,i have called the md,a couple of times,as has the pharmacy,to renew,the meds. No response.already 4 days without the zoloft,and my question is,we have talked about me discontinuing these.if this is Continue reading been taking 50 mg,of zoloft for 2 years for depression

What are the withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking diazepam?

Patient: What are the withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking diazepam

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Age: 67

Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, tremors, shaking, diarrhea, flu-like feelings, panic attacks, paranois, headaches, sweating, seizure activity, etc. This drug effects people differently and it can also depend on how long you have bee taking it.

Hope this helps.

I am a teacher and one of my students was diagonised with swine flu.

Patient: I am a teacher and one of my students was diagonised with swine flu. She recently returned back to school today and I had close contact with her today now I have a head ache and feel hot does t his mean that I now have it I also feel like I wnt to throw up

Optional Information
Age: 31; Female, New York
Already Tried: Drinking water and eating I also an breast feeding mom should I breast feed tonight my child is 10 months what should I take

Doctor: Hello,
Id like to help you with this but I need more information. How many days was she absent? You said she recently returned to school…how many days has she been there prior to you having this headache?

How old is she?

And what are you feeling besides a headache and hot…do you have any fever?

Please check and tell me what your temperature is.
Thanks for clarifying,
Dr. james

Patient: It is an after school dance class and she was absent about two week if you count weekends I would say about 14 days. Today is the second day she is back and today is the day I felt the headake I was with her for two hours and then I started feeling th hot about an hour after I was with her. She is 11 years old and I am 31 year old I feel like I am going to th row up at any minute. I am very concerned since I have an 10 month old in the house and it is coming up for the time I breast feed. Should I do that I just took two teaspoons of therau flu my temp is 98.5 Continue reading I am a teacher and one of my students was diagonised with swine flu.

I am a registered nurse who holds a BA in Community Health from…

Patient: I am a registered nurse who holds a BA in Community Health from CUNY NYC, and a BS in Nursing from Columbia U. in NYC in 1989. I graduated with honors from Columbia. Since that time I have not worked, as I cared for my family. During my time at home, I have done significant and important charity work and have been on the board of a nurses PAC and other organizations. At this point I would like to enter the work force. Any ideas on what a “resume” should look like for me to use in applying for work that is not in bedside nursing?

Doctor: Hi there

What type of job are you looking to attain? (what field) or do you know yet?

Patient: I think that I would like to go into occupational health or some other areas where I would be treating basically well people who are having a problem related to something. Also, I would consider teaching health education in some capacity. I might want to begin part-time if that were possible, but Continue reading I am a registered nurse who holds a BA in Community Health from…

I am 36 years old and 17 weeks PP. This is my first and only child.

Patient: I am 36 years old and 17 weeks PP. This is my first and only child. I breastfed for the first 3 weeks only. I have not felt “well” since the birth. I was dx with PPD and PPA(health anxiety) at 4 weeks PP but have been going to therapy. It is getting better everyday. I have not yet had my period and am wondering what the normal time after birth is to have my period. Before I had her I was dx as being “pre-menopausal”. (My mom was done with menopause at age 40, as was my sister) My periods would fluctuate between 19 days and 46 days. Now I feel like I have PMS all the time. My face will get flush and feel warm for an entire day and then be gone the next…I have other weird pre meno symptoms as well. Is it possible that the birth kicked me in to menopause? Or is there a potential problem that my period as not yet started? Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Optional Information
Gender: Female
Age: 36

Doctor: Any other medical problems, what medications are you taking, any surgeries, did you have a lot of bleeding when you delivered your baby?

Patient: No surgeries, no regular medications ( I was on Lexapro for 4 weeks but it made me worse so I am dealing with the PPD through CBT and support groups) I have been off the lexapro for about 6 weeks. I occassionally take .125 of xanax as needed. About 1 or 2 times a month. I feel like I could take it more…but I hate medications so I just tough it out. I take a multi vitamin and magnesium supplement as well as cranberry tablets and a daily probiotic.

I did not have a lot of bleeding…I bled for about 4 weeks…but nothing major. The delivery was very fast. But very painful. No epidural…she was sunnyside up and came out arms first…I did tear. My doctor thought I might be slightly traumatized by the painful birth which could have lead to the anxiety….but I don’t know about that. I don’t feel traumatized.

I did have occassional mild anxiety prior the pregnancy…in fact that was what sent me to the doctor…who did the 30 day saliva testing and Continue reading I am 36 years old and 17 weeks PP. This is my first and only child.

I was pregnant ( I believe) I did two tests in diferent days…

Patient: Helo my name is Lisa, I was pregnant ( I believe) I did two tests in diferent days, both were positive, and my body change a lot,my breast grew as twice the normal size, as pregnant woman. I Start to feel bad yesterday and, my menstruation started, and today just to make sure I did another pregancie test, and was negative. But my husband and I was so sure I was pregnant, and I a mom already, I know the diference. How that is possible?

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Gender: Female
Age: 32
Already Tried: I have a son 7 years old, I was pregnant last year and I lost on 5/6 weeks of pregnancy. Now I’m trying to conceive again, thought I was pregnant, I did 2 tests and different days and was positive, and my body change my breast grew twice of the normal size. 4 days ago I started feel bad, and yesterday my menstruation started. Today I did another pregnancy test and was negative, how that is possible?


Doctor: Please let me know when your last period was prior to yesterday.

Patient: The last period was 10/06/2009. Than started yesterday again.

Doctor: That is highly possible. Early miscarriages are very common. More than we know. Most will just assume their period was late when in fact it was an early miscarriage. If you desire, you can use an ovulation detection kit so that you will know when is the best time for intercourse. Follow the instructions on Continue reading I was pregnant ( I believe) I did two tests in diferent days…

Gold crown fell off. there is no pain or sensitivty to cold.

Patient: gold crown fell off. there is no pain or sensitivty to cold. money is a big issue.can i just not do anything about it?

Optional Information

Gender: Female

Age: 68

Already Tried: nothing

Doctor: Hi,

thanks for posting your question on

You need to get your gold crown cemented again, please visit a dentist and get it cemented.

pain and sensitivity may not be really relevant

when a crown is prepared the dentist shapes the tooth, in the shaping process the enamel has to be removed.

If you stay without the crown, you are likely to get decay of your tooth and also food will get stuck and neighbouring teeth can also get decay

the cementation of a crown usually costs about 100 dollars

you should get it done

till you get the cementation done from the dentist you can use this cheap product at walmart for a week or 2

do not use this temporary cement for too long, it does not prevent leakage of food

a very important aspect of a crown is to keep the marginal seal intact

Best wishes

Dr Craig