How to use this website?

This website archives questions and answers from physicians, according to their area of specialization. There are two ways to use this site. First, you can search the archives for previous questions and answers. The exchanges are arranged in searchable categories. Just click on the category in which you are interested and you can browse the question and answers. You can also use the site search engine to search by key words and phrases.

The second way you can use this site is to type in your question, send it in, and the appropriate specialist(s) will respond to you, usually within 24 hours. Once your question is answered it becomes part of the archive and available to other viewers.

here is the contact list of authors, you can send them email and ask your question.

General Health Related Questions

  • Dr. James Collins

Mental Health Related Questions

  • Dr. Mark Sigmon

Dental Related Questions

  • Dr. Craig Ferrell

Dermatology Related Questions

  • Dr. Karen Peterson

Pediatrics Related Questions

  • Dr. Deanna Gulick

Eye Related Questions

  • Dr. Andrew Lang

Urology Related Questions

  • Dr. William Hickman

OB GYN Related Questions

  • Dr. Roxanne Holve

General Medical Related Questions

  • Dr. Endo Tezuka

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