Gold crown fell off. there is no pain or sensitivty to cold.

Patient: gold crown fell off. there is no pain or sensitivty to cold. money is a big issue.can i just not do anything about it?

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Gender: Female

Age: 68

Already Tried: nothing

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You need to get your gold crown cemented again, please visit a dentist and get it cemented.

pain and sensitivity may not be really relevant

when a crown is prepared the dentist shapes the tooth, in the shaping process the enamel has to be removed.

If you stay without the crown, you are likely to get decay of your tooth and also food will get stuck and neighbouring teeth can also get decay

the cementation of a crown usually costs about 100 dollars

you should get it done

till you get the cementation done from the dentist you can use this cheap product at walmart for a week or 2

do not use this temporary cement for too long, it does not prevent leakage of food

a very important aspect of a crown is to keep the marginal seal intact

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  1. I know of many dentist that will do reduced fee procedures for trade or just to help local people in their community. Especially when you pay cash. This might help.

  2. Gold crown is not only an investment in health. the economic crysis is the reason the price of gold itselfs is growing and growing. so gold is an valuably investment anyway.

  3. Thanks for this answer Dr. Craig. I had the same issue, and now I know the proper solution.

    Best to you,

  4. Very interesting and good advice. Thanks for the heads up on the temporary cement – I would have had no clue.

  5. Thank you I had a friend who had their gold crown fall off. She was really concerned about what she should do. Just like the patient above, money is a big issue for her too. Thanks for your helpful post Dr.Craig, I just printed it out and will show her what you recommended.

  6. This has been exactly the thing I was looking for. Astounding blog. Incredibly inspirational! The posts are so helpful and detailed. The links you have are also very useful too. Thanks a lot

  7. Hey Dr Craig,

    Great bit of advice, I have had some considerable work done on my teeth of late and my dentist always says that around the gum area should be cleaned so as to prevent decay beneath the tooth.

    People don’t pay enough attention to this point.

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