How do you get a 15yr old male to believe that smoking pot is…

Patient: How do you get a 15yr old male to believe that smoking pot is not harmful to his health and that it is wrong, not to mention illegal?

Optional Information
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Already Tried: Lots and lots of prayer He has been on several ADD/ADHD meds over the years but 2yrs ago he refused to take them anymore. We discovered his smoking pot in Spring 2009 but now we have found out it is more routine and thinks its not wrong or harmful. He does realize it is illegal but thinks it should be legal.

Doctor: Hi, Thanks for using ! Is the male in this your son? Is he using any other substances? Is he seeing a therapist/psychiatrist? Is he getting any any other legal issues?

Patient: Yes, the 15 yr old male is my son. He has admitted to using some “pills”. He has not told me what the pills were but swears he is not doing pills but only tried them. He said “pills are dumb and I am not doing them.” As far as I know, pot is the only thing he is using. He was in counseling but because of financial issues a few years ago we stopped because the Adderall and other meds he was on was helping but when then he started spitting out the pills because he did not like the way they made him feel. Headaches from not having an appetite, etc. I do have a way to get counseling now but one of the issues is getting his butt in the truck to go. He refuses to go to counseling w/o a major argument. I live in Houston so if you have any connections, preferably with a Christian counselor, that would be great. I am married with 2 other sons and my eldest’s behavior is effecting our relationship with the younger ones. We are not having issues with the 12 and 10 year olds. They act nothing like the oldest.

Doctor: He needs some help before this gets out of control. Smoking pot probably helps him feel more in control with the ADHD since he is not taking his medications. Drugs are often used to self medicate. I would suggest letting him know that counseling is not an option but a mandated activity. If he does not go then all of his privileges will be revoked. He also needs to go back to a psychiatrist to get back on some medications. The doctor can work with him on getting him on the right dose. I would also set up some very strong boundaries with him about the substance abuse. Such as if you find out he is smoking then he will not be able to get his license, will be grounded, etc. His drug use is serious and can lead to bigger problems if not dealt with now. I would suggest calling your insurance to find out what christian psychiatrist/therapist are in your area that they cover. Please let me know if I can assist anymore.

Patient: Thank you! I will let you know how it goes if I am able to get in touch with you later!

Doctor: Yes keep me updated. It will not be easy at first but stick with it and set some firm boundaries with him and it will get better eventually and you will be getting him the help he needs! Best wishes.


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