Im a male in my late 20s, and due for my annual exam. i have a couple concerns.

Patient: I am a male in my late 20s, and due for my annual exam. i have a couple concerns. in the last year i have found i have a minor hemmroid problem, and had a spermatoseal on on of my testicles, both have been checked out my specialist and are ok. in my annual exam will these automatically be checked out or should they even be looked at at that time? also i feel my last few annual exams may have not been through. the 2 previous problems i found on my own. so lastly what should all be covered in an annual exam by a good doctor?

Optional Information
Gender: Male
Age: late 20s
Already Tried: just got the problems i found checked out

Doctor: Hello,

Typically on an annual exam for a male of your age the rectal exam is nor performed unless there is any symptoms or history. The rectal exam to include the prostate is usually performed starting at age 50.

However, the testicles should definitely be examined looking for testicular cancer which usually is found age 18 – 25.

A good exam should include a through history or review of systems from head to toe. Most providers like to examin with body systems and should include:

Ears, Nose Throat

Cardiovascular: HR, rhythum, Heart sounds, Pulses equal and strong. Circulatory system.

Respiratory: Lung sounds, shape of chest

Abdomen: Bowel sounds, palpating liver and spleen size, Hernia

Neurological: reflexes reactive equally, craninal nerves intact, sensation normal.

Musculoskeletal: Gait, Joints, Range of Motion, Muscle size or wasting

Genitals; testicular exam

Endocrine: Thyroid

Perform any labs needed based on physical exam. Urine, complete blood count, metabolic profile, thyroid.

Now keep in mind that some of these areas are done at the same time. Abnormalities in expression, speech, etc can be done by just talking to you about your health and etc.

Most importantly is for you to communicate with your provider about any symptoms or concerns you have and give an accurate medical history.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Patient: is the hemmroid problem something that should be checked annually from now on or just when it is giving me problems?

Doctor: I would certainly have it checked out at least once more, If it has resolved then you probably would not need it annually.

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