I am a teacher and one of my students was diagonised with swine flu.

Patient: I am a teacher and one of my students was diagonised with swine flu. She recently returned back to school today and I had close contact with her today now I have a head ache and feel hot does t his mean that I now have it I also feel like I wnt to throw up

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Age: 31; Female, New York
Already Tried: Drinking water and eating I also an breast feeding mom should I breast feed tonight my child is 10 months what should I take

Doctor: Hello,
Id like to help you with this but I need more information. How many days was she absent? You said she recently returned to school…how many days has she been there prior to you having this headache?

How old is she?

And what are you feeling besides a headache and hot…do you have any fever?

Please check and tell me what your temperature is.
Thanks for clarifying,
Dr. james

Patient: It is an after school dance class and she was absent about two week if you count weekends I would say about 14 days. Today is the second day she is back and today is the day I felt the headake I was with her for two hours and then I started feeling th hot about an hour after I was with her. She is 11 years old and I am 31 year old I feel like I am going to th row up at any minute. I am very concerned since I have an 10 month old in the house and it is coming up for the time I breast feed. Should I do that I just took two teaspoons of therau flu my temp is 98.5

Doctor: Hello , I understand your concern; trust me, I have seen alot of concerned teachers and quite a few more sick kids than is the norm for May. However, right now I dont see flu in your situation. The symptoms of flu happen pretty suddenly and include cough, body aches, and often shortness of breath. Nausea and vomiting can also accompany the flu. Symptoms also include fever, often high over 101. (The NYC guidelines as of 5/18/09 state anything over 100.4 and accompanied by a cough or sore throat should be considered suspect for the flu) So what may be going on with you? Its possible you do have a virus of some type, but from what I read of your post right now, it doesnt sound like the flu to me. I assume this child would not have been sent back to school unless she were well and symptom free, and at age 11 shes able to be more responsible with hygiene issues than a child of 5, who gets germs everywhere.

Patient: Is it ok to breast feed my daughter?

Doctor: As I was saying, as of now, it does not sound like the flu. Certainly if you do develop a fever, it could be suspicious of the flu, and swine flu does seem to produce more nausea and vomiting… and I would advise seeing your doctor as he or she may wish to start you on an the antivirals that can reduce the flu’s duration. As for now, I would continue breastfeeding. I hope I was able to help, and here is more information on cold vs flu symptoms:


Sincerely,  Dr. James

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