I am a registered nurse who holds a BA in Community Health from…

Patient: I am a registered nurse who holds a BA in Community Health from CUNY NYC, and a BS in Nursing from Columbia U. in NYC in 1989. I graduated with honors from Columbia. Since that time I have not worked, as I cared for my family. During my time at home, I have done significant and important charity work and have been on the board of a nurses PAC and other organizations. At this point I would like to enter the work force. Any ideas on what a “resume” should look like for me to use in applying for work that is not in bedside nursing?

Doctor: Hi there

What type of job are you looking to attain? (what field) or do you know yet?

Patient: I think that I would like to go into occupational health or some other areas where I would be treating basically well people who are having a problem related to something. Also, I would consider teaching health education in some capacity. I might want to begin part-time if that were possible, but full-time would be fine if it were in the right area.

Thanks for responding.

Doctor: Hello

Being out of the field for this many years (20 years) might be a little challenging. I think what most employers will look at is the fact that you have been involved in some form or fashion with the medical field…albeit in the form of volunteer work. I also think that if you have been able to keep your license valid by keeping up with your continuing education credits, this also is good. I think that as far as a resume goes, you should state the facts….put down your education and under ‘experience’ list your volunteer work. More importantly will be your cover letter. This is where you can explain your situation and go into a little more detail about what you are looking for (and not looking for). Of course, a cover letter is only supposed to be a few short paragraphs, but in your case, you may want to alib a little about your circumstances, and the prospective employer will most likely be appreciative of your honesty and your explanations.

Hope this helps…reply back if needed

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