My brother in law has had a condition he says the doctors can’t

Patient: My brother in law has had a condition he says the doctors can’t help but we think he has never even gone to a doctor. I started more than ten years ago under both his eyes on his cheekbones and now has spread all over both cheeks down to the jawline–it is little craters, like acne craters, with puffy edges and what looks like black heads in the center. It is terrible to look at and he must be so miserable but won’t admit it an won’t seek help. surely in these modern times there must be something that can be done with lasers, etc.

Doctor: there are many treatments for acne , if that is just the problem.

When a dermatologist says nothing can be done- and that is VERY rare, I would believe it as they are in tune to all of the dermabrasion and laser technology out there.

If he does not do steroids (anabolic) then there is a diagnosis at hand that can be treated. The distribution you describe, and if not on other parts of the body, could be acne vulgaris or cystic acne, and less likely rosacea or a butterfly rash we see with Lupus patients.

Look at these photos- if it is similar, he needs to go see a dermatologist to help his appearance, and self-esteem.

The derm procedures usually are not covered as it is considered cosmetic- but if recurrent infection is documented, the inc co. may reconsider.

Here is more about treatment options- this Wikipedia site does a good job at outlining everything available:


Your brother in law has many options, and this is treated SO commonly that he shouldn’t be afraid or embarassed to seek treatment.

Connect him with a dermatologist near you tha does Micrdermabrasion and laser in the office, so he has all options available to him.

There is SO MUCH we can do….

So now we just have to get him through the door!!!!

I hope this was helpful-

Feel free to ask anything you need further!

Good for you to try to help him- perhaps this will start the ball in motion- he shouldn’t have to suffer!!!

My best!

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