I have a rash around my ankles and up the calfs and shins of of my leg.

Patient: I have a rash around my ankles and up the calfs and shins of my leg. I have tried ringworm cream, cortizone cream, nothing seems to work. I had some leftover lamisil pills and i have started taking those also.

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Gender: female
Age: 43

Doctor: Then obvious questions are, what have your legs been in? It would almost seem that your legs were in “puddles of water”, or in grass or something like that. I say this due to the fact that its on both legs and as you say up to your knees. I would not self treat this. I have not seen fungal rashes that large. Do yourself a great favor and get this checked.

dr Karen

Patient: My legs have not been in puddles or high grass. Its from the ankle to the knee because of the spreading. More on one leg than the other. Back in July, I had poison ivy on the back of one leg and an arm. I was given Kpack steroids and steroid cream, the ivy seemed to have gone mostly away. Within 2 weeks or so is when the ankle and shin rash started on one leg and I noticed a patch on my arm,thinking it was still ivy, i kept using the steroid cream and it seemed to be still spreading so i stopped using the cream. hoping it would go away on its own. Now it has been a month or 2 and its still here.

Doctor: Exactly, this is totally why I think you need to a doc for evaluation. You will be happy you did. Please do it.

dr K

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  1. I have the same rash. I saw a dr and he said it was psoriasis. But this does not look like any psoriasis I have ever seen. I have 1 or 2 round patches, but not like a ringworm. The reset of the ankle looks like a web rash all the way around. I have 1 web looking spot on the side of my calf. I also had this on arms underneath, just down from the armpit about 3 inches. Very itchy raised web like areas. The patches around my ankles are itchy also, but most of the web like area is not itchy. I have used cortizone cream, lotramin, hydrogin perioxide, scabies cream. But nothing gets rid of it.

    If I use a moisturizer it really gets itchy. Also I notice that the area it is effecting has a dull look to the skin. Not healthy like the rest.

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