I believe I have a rash. I’ve had it since I was 10 years old

Patient: I believe I have a rash. I’ve had it since I was 10 years old. That’s when I first noticed it. The rash actually almost went away when I was 19. When I turned 21, I started my own web company in college, so I was under a lot of stress, and the rash got pretty bad. The rash actually started itching and got worse. The rash is only included on my left and right legs (no where else on my body). Please let me know what you recommend. Thank you. Pictures of the rash on my left and right legs.

Optional Information
Gender: male
Age: 22
Already Tried: Cocoa butter (it makes the rash itch a lot) Basic lotion (it makes the rash itch a lot as well)

Doctor: hello, i have seen the pictures of your rash. does the rash start this way? what color are the lesions when it starts? are they pus or fluid filled? does it cover your entire legs or they are spaced out?

Patient: The rash started out smaller only on my right leg and in a circle. It was always dark black. They are fluid filled. It is spaced out on my legs. I do not take any medicines. I’m also fit and run and workout often with body fat % at 8%. However, I do work 70 hrs a week.

Doctor: hello, your rash seems to be a case of hypertrophic lichen planus. it wont heal with the applications you are using. you will need to see the doctor who will prescribe steroid creams in combination with salicylic acid cream. please do not self treat, there are other modalities of treatment as well such as cryotherapy. your doctor can work out the most feasible treatment for you.

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    Thanks again.

  2. I also have same problem only on my legs.
    What is the reason?

    age 31 , wt 78 kg. no sugar, BP and other problems.

    I am healthy and active.

  3. i have black rashes all over my two legs, back,in scalp,in one hand and it’s spreading slowly all over mine some parts of body!please advise me good treatment for this!i am 15years old!and i too believe same rashes and itches!

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