I am 25 years old, I am diagnosed with prostatis a year ago

Patient: I am 25 years old, I am diagnosed with prostatis a year ago and i take cipro as needed. I have had erection problems, the more i observed I found out that it is easy for me to get an erection with porn rather than depending upon pure imagination. I do not have a girl friend currently. What is wrong with me? whom should i talk to? what is a solution. I think I am addicted to porn.

Optional Information
Gender: male
Age: 25
Already Tried: cipro, uroxatrol, levitra, iron, horny goat weed supplements

Doctor: Nothing is wrong with you. Many men depend on porn fulfill their sexual needs and to initiate a good erection. Visual stimulation allows the brain to stimulate the nerves that go to the penis better than fantasizing in some men.

Sometimes a clinical psychologist with training in sexual therapy can help you overcome someof these anxieties. You are responding like any normal man would.

Patient: I went to a strip club and I could not get an erection there. I am only responding to porn. I used to respond to imagination until i was 23 yrs old, but not anymore. I am concerned and worried, please help me out.


Doctor: If you are responding to porn and getting an erection then the problem you are dealing with is performance anxiety and that is a result of pyschologic issues.

A sexual therapist is trained to help individuals like yourself overcome these issues. I would consult with a therapist for treatment.


Patient: I have used iron supplements in the past week and my erection and my confidence seems to boost. would a person who is suffering from ED be able to have good erections after taking iron supplements. I am just wondering where I am.

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