How do I deal with a narcissistic supervisor ?

Patient: How do I deal with a narcissistic supervisor for whom my work is judged subpar? Should I document and request a transfer to another supervisor? Right now I’m miserable.

Optional Information
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Already Tried: I’ve complained to her supervisor that I want a transfer. It’s a government job and I have a union. Should I go to the union? The job pays a good salary and I’ve had no problem with prior supervisors in this job. She is expected to retire Dec. 2010. Should I wait her out?

Doctor: Hello,

You are in a difficult situation. Your response depends on whether you believe the higher ups in the firm are equitable or narcissistic as well, If they are not, then enlist your union (they are there to protect worker’s rights), document your grievance and present your case and request a transfer, but offer all sorts of accommodations to show your reasonability. If your belief is that the narcissism prevades the organization, I would recommend that you play into the narcissism as the supervisor is so well defended that she will not hear your complaint. So frame your response in a way that plays into her narcissism and does not prompt her her to become reactive, but rather to hear it and accede to your request. To put it succinctly, if need be play the game, concentrate on the out come and don’t let your ego stand in the way of you getting justice.


Mark Sigmon

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