I have old (2005) 25MG effexor and wish to use it,….is it safe?

Patient: I have old (2005) 25MG effexor and wish to use it,….is it safe? does it change in composition or in strength?

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Gender: Female
Age: 85
Already Tried: Using effexor to reduce hot flashes. Am currently using 80Gm CMPD Progesterone 5% and over the counter Estroven. used these for 30 days with no results, what period of time before I see a change? Very hard and repeat flashes throught the day and night. Any other recommendations? I have not used the effexor only once along with the progesterone. use the P cream twice /day. Hot flashes destroying my life. I can’t believe I am subject to hot flashes at the age of 83 though 85+1/2 HELP !!

Doctor: Hello,

Medications such as Effexor have an expiration date – and drugs from 2005 would now be expired. They lose their effectiveness – so they would not work. The strength decreases and it would do you no good.

If you used this effectively before, you can call your doctor and see if they would represcribe it – they will usually require an office visit, but if it helps – that’s worth it!

Patient: Yes,….the effexor did NOT work before, either, but I was willing to try it aain if it was still good. I have been told over many many yrs that old meds should be avoided.

I need help in finding a med that will help with these Hot Flashes that are destroying my everyday life !!! If you canot tell me an alternative or answer how long to take the progesterone before I get any relief,…you have not helped me a bit.The Dr seems at his wits end in his attempt to prescribe anything that will help.

Doctor: Regarding your hot flashes: treatment usually consists of Hormone Replacement Therapy. If you’ve tried both oral and transdermal patches and those have not worked – you may want to try the following:

Some research suggests that soy may have some benefit for reducing hotflashes and Continue reading I have old (2005) 25MG effexor and wish to use it,….is it safe?