I take fluoxetine/prozac and for the last few months…

Patient: Hi– i take fluoxetine/prozac and for the last few months or so i have not taken it at all or i have taken it approx. 3 times –im supposed to take it everyday. i know that im not supposed to do that–ive just been really bad about taking it. i have been on it for approx 2 years but i dont think it really works, and i keep changing doctors because they keep leaving or are they are terrible, so i don’t really have a doctor i like or trust. anyway i have had severe headaches the last few days and im guessing its because i have stopped taking the fluoxetine. Should I just stop it all together? or should i start taking it again right away?not sure what to do…
thanks for any advice

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Gender: Female
Age: 29

Doctor: Hi,
It is very difficult to be able to tell if the medication is working unless it is taken consistently as prescribed. I think you should take the medication as prescribed, but be sure to schedule an appointment with either a new psychiatrist or the one you have seen before. If you take this medication appropriately until you see your physician, you can determine whether it really is or isn’t working. You can discuss this with your doctor and hopefully receive assistance with alternate or additional medications. Hope this helps.


Patient: Hi Mark–thanks–
i dont care so much about if the meds work bec like i said i have been taking it for 2 years–and just recently have stopped taking it and i know they dont work. what im worried about is the headaches. so you think i should just get back on them and Continue reading I take fluoxetine/prozac and for the last few months…